Sliding Glass Door Double-Bolt Lock in Kendall


When it comes to Sliding Glass Door Double-Bolt Locks in Kendall, The Sliding Door Experts can help in providing the best security options for your home. With our Double-Bolt security locks, you can count your sliding doors will be secured with the highest quality security locks. No need to worry about intruders or Burglars in your home when you have Sliding Glass Door Double-Bolt Locks in Kendall equipped on your sliding doorsWe stock a variety of Double-Bolt locks color coated to match your current sliding glass doors for a perfect match all around for a great looking finish.

With over 15 Years of Experience, we strive to provide our customers with the best Sliding Glass Door Double-Bolt Lock in Kendall. With the highest quality of security for your sliding doors, making sure your doors are secured at all times. When dealing with old doors we encounter the possibility of discontinued doors and parts, making it hard to identify and find some locks. When no other solutions are available for your sliding glass doors, Double-Bolt locks are the best option to get your doors locking and secured. Even with a working sliding door locking system, we encourage to include a secondary form of security such as a Double-Bolt Lock. Call Us Today to schedule your Free Estimate and have Sliding Glass Door Double-Bolt Lock in Kendall installed by one of our experts.

Other Services in Kendall, Fl

  • Roller Repair & Replacement in Kendall:
    When your sliding doors don’t want to slide properly it’s due to faulty rollers, at The Sliding Door Experts we are ready to service your doors with the best rollers.
  • Lock Repair & Replacement in Kendall:
    If your sliding glass door lock is in need of a repair or simply needs to be replaced, our team is here to help your Sliding Doors Locking properly again.
  • Handle Replacement in Kendall:
    If your sliding glass door doesn’t have a handle or your handle broke off, we can assist in finding the right handle to fit your doors.
  • Track Repair & Replacement in Kendall:
    If your track is damaged or bumpy from old rollers dragging on it, Then you should call The Sliding Door Experts to have your track repaired.
  • Sliding Door Alignment in Kendall:
    If your sliding glass doors aren’t aligned properly, it may cause air leaks through your doors and gaps where bugs can come in. 
  • Screen Repair Services in Kendall:
    Whether you need a new sliding screen door fabricated or simply your window screen repaired, The Sliding Door Experts can help solve your screen problems.

If your sliding doors are in need of a Double-Bolt Lock, we can help you get your sliding doors secured properly. Our team of experts have extended experience with sliding door maintenance and repairs. Our services consist of Roller Repair & Replacement, Track Repair & Replacement, Locks Replacement, Handle Replacement, Sliding Door Alignment & Adjustment, Double-Bolt Locks, and much more. We love what we do and we make sure we do it well, your sliding doors will be secured again, no excuses! Call Us Today for all your Sliding Glass Door Double-Bolt Lock in Kendall, we can have a technician ready to have your doors secured again within an hour!

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  • review rating 5  Absolutely great customer service, Jennifer was a delight from the moment I scheduled my estimate to then processing the payment. They are truly a company of experts, the technician was very professional and very knowledgeable. This was a great experience and would recommend everybody to utilize these services, top knotch company!

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  • review rating 5  I called The Sliding Door Experts in regards to my door being very rough to open and close, they immediately provided me with a free estimate. The customer service was truly amazing from the person I spoke to over the phone to the technician who came to my house. The technician gave me a detailed explanation as to why my doors weren’t rolling properly and provided the quote. I approved and he began the work, once the job was completed I could have sworn they replaced my door and put a new one, they were rolling soo smoothly . Wow in such a good way! They provide warranty! Call The Sliding Door Experts you will not regret it!

    thumb Maida Curbelo

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